3D Animated Video Production

LV Productions is a 3D animated video production company in San Francisco.

We are a corporate video company whose services include 3D animated video production. We understand that every business is unique, and we take the time to learn about your company and what makes it special.

Example of 3D Animated Video:

Why produce a 3D animated video?

Sometimes your customer communications can be more complex and require more than a simple commercial or 2D animation to break through the competition and attract potential customers and target audiences. That's what 3D animation production companies are for, producing 3D animated videos for a product, service or an entire brand. A video about a company or promotion can also be seen in 3D animation. This 3D world contains textures, lights and camera movements to create a deeply immersive experience.

Example of 3D Animated Video:

What is the process for creating 3D animated videos?

3D animation is the creation of a storyboard that details the exact plan of how the story and message will take shape. With the help of an animator, the environment is created and objects are modeled, lighting is set to create a three-dimensional effect. The next step is to create movement as the sequence is created, as well as its movement.

How much does it cost to work with a 3D animation studio?

The price is determined based on a number of factors that our 3D-animation agency establishes such as: 


  1. The duration of the movies 

  2. The complexity of the animations. 

  3. The work of modeling. 

  4. Long time-consuming work to create animations.

  5. A voice-over can be used to help tell the story. 

  6. In addition, you can include several versions of the video in different languages. This should also be considered when calculating the cost of creating a 3D animated video.

What 3D animated video production can be used for?

  • 3D Animated Explainer Video

  • 3D Product Animation Video

  • 3D Reconstruction Video

  • 3D Animated Marketing Videos

Why is LV PRODUCTIONS the right choice?

We are highly trained professionals in the field of 3D animation and we work with you to create video content and animations that convey your story in the most engaging and effective way.

Example of 3D Animated Video:

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