My name is Vlad Lapich. I am a video producer and a digital marketing specialist. When I was a kid I had a passion for shooting videos and telling stories through videos. Even though they were filmed and edited on a cell phone.

When I moved to San Francisco I started studying marketing basics and target marketing. At the same time I saw a lack of high quality videography service providers in this area. Thus I created LV Production.

LV Production is a high-end videography service provider that covers video production for a wide spectrum of businesses. Aside from just producing custom videos we also distribute these videos to the right people through various online advertising channels, such as Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

So we don't just make you a video, we also make sure that this video reaches the right target audience that is most likely to convert and become your customers.

My job and the job of LV Production is to ensure that local Bay Area companies who have a story to get across are able to tell their story in the best way possible, with help of video and digital marketing.

© 2019 by Vlad Lapich

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