Animated Product Videos
in San Francisco

Perfect for digital goods, such as software. Works for both B2B and B2C.

An animated product video is a perfect way to showcase your software product or other types of digital goods. With help of the animation, you can depict features and ideas that would be hard to show or explain using other types of video.

Moreover, animated product videos are a great way to show your product that is still in development. A lot of companies use their UI designs in order to create a product video, this way they can publish this video right after the product is released.

Animated videos can be used for physical products as well. However, the fact it is so easy to showcase digital goods with it makes them a go-to for many software companies.

An animated video can use either voice-over, captions, or both in order to increase the comprehension level of the product.

Some tips on creating a perfect animated product video:

  • Try to demo the UI of your product in the video

  • Try to use both voice-over and captions

  • Try to start the video with the customer’s pain point, or by mentioning the main value proposition of your product

  • Try to include a CTA at the end of the video

Here's another example animated product videos:

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