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How much does a videographer cost?

One of the best ways to remember and enjoy an event is to hire a videographer. He will be able to fully capture the spirit and excitement of your event in ways you would not imagine. It all comes down to taking your time and studying the videographer pricing to find the right one for you. Is it possible to find a great videographer within your budget? Let's learn more about how much a videographer from a video production company costs below!

Most videographers offer custom pricing for every project. But to give you some understanding on how their services and pricing are structured - here's some example packages:

Promo style videos

These are some of the smallest packages for videographer pricing. A promo-style video takes around 30-60 seconds in total, and it includes up to 5 hours of shooting on location with a single camera. Soundtrack and logo will be included with post-production. The price for that will start around $1000.

Event videos

Making your event stand out with great videography is always memorable and exciting. Here you get all of the above, the difference being 8 hours of location work, drone and stabilizer support as well. It will cost you from $1500 for all these things.

Corporate overview

What makes corporate videos unique is the fact that they can be anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes in length. In the case of these videos you can have up to 2 cameras and the professional sound and lighting equipment is included. The videos themselves come with up to 5 hours of shooting and a soundtrack as well as logos. The price for this package starts at $2500.

Commercial video

For commercial video you will notice the videographer pricing will differ. It includes 2-5 minutes of video length, 2 cameras, drone, script development, stabilizer, all of the previous stuff and a voice over. And yes, you also get up to 8 hours of shooting on location. You do need a higher budget for a commercial video, but it’s worth it because such a video is designed to generate sales. Expect to spend at least $5000 for a commercial video done by a professional videographer.

DP/Camera Work Only

The videographer cost is lower if you just need a videographer as a Camera Operator without post production. For up to 8 hours of shooting with lighting, drones, stabilizer and sound equipment you will pay anywhere between $900 and $2500 depending on the equipment and the experience you need.


As you can see, knowing the videographer cost is very important if you’re looking for video capture services for any occasion. Make sure that you assess your needs and then see the videographer cost accordingly. Once you do so, you will find it easier to access all those benefits and features, and results can be second to none every time. Just avoid rushing, take your time and understand every price point before you make your choice. At the end of the day, what really matters is the service quality, so always pick a great videographer that can help capture those memorable moments with the utmost detail!

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