How much does it cost to make a testimonial video?

Testimonial videos hold immense power to shape prospective customers' views and drive their purchase decisions. They provide credible and relatable customer experiences, becoming an essential component of business marketing strategies.

The Costs Involved in Testimonial Video Production

Factors Influencing the Cost of Testimonial Videos

For example, filming in multiple locations can increase transportation costs. Our LV Production team travels to different parts of the San Francisco Bay Area doing video production wherever necessary for our clients.

Similarly, expensive equipment or hiring actors will increase the price.

Video production equipment

Average Cost Range for Testimonial Video Production

Depending on the factors mentioned, testimonial video production costs can typically range from $1,200 to $50,000 (Videobrewery, 2023). However, every project is unique, and costs can greatly vary based on the specifics of the project.

Ways to Maximize ROI from Testimonial Videos

To maximize ROI from testimonial videos, businesses should:

  • Plan thoroughly: Define goals, target audience, and key messages.
  • Target the right audience: Ensure the testimonial resonates with potential customers.
  • Optimize for SEO: Use relevant keywords and optimize meta tags for better search engine visibility.

The Ideal Length of a Testimonial Video

Factors Determining the Length of a Testimonial Video

The complexity of the product/service, the customer's story, and the platform for video sharing play a role in determining the length of a testimonial video.

A storyboard illustrating a testimonial video plan

Testimonial Video Length

The ideal testimonial video length should be between 2-3 minutes. According to Wistia, videos around 2 minutes long get the most engagement. However, the focus should always be on quality content, not just duration.

Crafting a Compelling Testimonial

Characteristics of a Good Testimonial

An impactful testimonial should be:

  • Authentic: Genuine testimonials resonate better with the audience.
  • Relatable: Testimonials should reflect typical customer experiences.
  • Focused: Stick to key messages that align with the brand's value proposition.
  • Visually engaging: The video should hold the viewer's attention.

Steps to Creating an Effective Testimonial Video

Creating a successful testimonial video involves:

  • Planning: Outline the video's objectives, key messages, and shooting logistics.
  • Interviewing: Ask open-ended questions to elicit detailed, engaging responses.
  • Editing: Highlight key points and ensure the video flows smoothly.
  • Publishing: Share the video on appropriate platforms for maximum visibility.

Testimonial Video Production at LV Production

How LV Production Can Help You Create Effective Testimonial Videos

At LV Production, our San Francisco-based team is committed to creating impactful testimonial videos that drive conversions and build brand trust. Our expertise spans planning, shooting, and editing high-quality videos.

The LV Production team at work in San Francisco

Case Studies of Successful Testimonial Videos by LV Production

Our work with various businesses showcases our ability to create successful testimonial videos. Here, we'll share some of our most successful projects and their impact.


Testimonial videos are a worthwhile investment, offering significant ROI when crafted effectively. At LV Production, we are committed to helping businesses harness the power of testimonials to foster trust, engage prospective customers, and drive growth. As a reputable videographer, Paul Harris, once said, "The power of video isn’t the moving images, but the way it can convey a relatable story to your audience." Trust us to help you tell your story.