How to start a commercial video?

How to start a commercial video?

​​Starting a commercial video can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With a few simple steps, you can create a successful commercial video that will help you reach your target audience.

The first step in creating a commercial video is to determine your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Is it a small business, a large corporation, or the general public? Knowing your audience will help you create content that resonates with them.

Once you know who you're targeting, you can start to plan the video's content. What message do you want to get across? What visuals and sound will you use? Brainstorm ideas and create a storyboard that outlines your video's main points.

Next, you'll need to choose the right media for your video. Will you use live action or animation? Will you create a video or use existing footage? Consider the resources available to you and decide what will work best for your video.

Finally, you'll need to produce the video. Depending on the complexity of the video, you may need to hire a professional video production company or use a DIY video production software. Either way, make sure you have a clear timeline and budget in place before you start.

Creating a successful commercial video takes time and effort. But with the right planning and preparation, you can create a compelling video that connects with your target audience.

7 special tricks for commercial video production from the LV Production team

Preparing for commercial video production

1. Start with a catchy title: The title of your promotional video should grab the viewer's attention and entice them to watch. Choose a title that will create curiosity and intrigue.

2. Keep it short: A promotional video should be concise and to the point. Keep it under two minutes to ensure viewers watch until the end.

3. Showcase your product: The video should showcase your product or service in the best light. Highlight the features, benefits, and unique selling points.

4. Use visuals: Visuals are key to a successful promotional video. Include high-quality images, videos, or animations that will help viewers understand the message you are trying to convey.

5. Test the video: Before releasing your promotional video, test it on a variety of devices to ensure compatibility.

6. Promote it: Promote your video on social media and other channels to maximize its reach.

7. Make it interactive: Make your promotional video interactive by adding a call-to-action or a survey at the end. This will help to engage the viewer and increase conversions.

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