Brand video production

Branded video content creates an image for your company that will be more appealing to potential customers.

Tell your customers what your company does and why they should work with you. This should influence people's perception of you as a business and create a positive perception of your brand.

There are a huge number of different video formats available today. So it's important for you to ask yourself questions:


  • Are you willing to take a risk for a crazy idea in producing branded videos? 

  • Do you want an easier or more effective option? 

  • Can you determine that the video communicates your brand values to your potential customers?

Our company, LV Productions, are experts in producing quality brand videos. Our company creates branded videos that highlight what customers already know about your company and showcase sides of the business they've never seen before. We make these videos work for you, ensuring that they are connected to the big picture of your content marketing and designed to achieve specific goals. 


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Производство видео

What is branded video production and why is it needed?

Branded video production is more than your average commercial video production. Simply stating "what" your organization does or how it did it (such as a video about the organization) is not enough, the focus is often on the more personal question of "why we do it." 


Typically, branded video content:


  • Tries to make a deeper and more emotional connection with the target audience.

  • Uses face-to-face interactions, including individual videos and those exclusive to your organization.

  • Avoids delving into the details of the product or service whenever possible - usually focusing on the broader story.


You, as a company, can use branded video content to showcase your organization in a variety of ways: 

  • Post it on the home page of your website

  • Share it during face-to-face meetings

  • Present your organization to a wider audience.

General principles of brand video production.

The creative process doesn't come easy and smooth, as there are peculiarities and nuances. However, there are some general principles to consider when planning your next brand video (brand film):


  • Find your target segment.

  • Highlight the most important messages, takeaways, or calls to action.

  • Avoid the temptation to say anything unnecessary; you don't want to say too much.

  • Let's be succinct. Typical length of time is 1 to 3 minutes.

  • Simplicity is paramount. Make a decision and focus on the main points.

  • Just be real. Stick to your traditions and be true to your brand.

Image by Thomas William

How a brand video is created.

Popular video programs usually focus on sharing information according to a certain script. Other times, they try to answer the "why" question with compelling visuals and music.

We make it emotional


Video is the perfect tool for branding content because it can evoke an emotional response. That's why you have to decide what are the main emotions you want to evoke in your video and then tell your story based on those emotions. With characters, music and voice-over we increase the emotional content of the story. But most importantly, we are convinced that the entire video production team understands the main goal.


Gain credibility.


Creating a branded video is a kind of image training. To gain trust and credibility we demonstrate that your company understands its customer and knows their needs and is willing to help. So the beginning of the video is about that. Studies show that even a short viewing time, just the first few seconds of your video, viewers will still perceive your brand!


Use all formats.


You have a clear idea of what you want for your branded video. But you should zoom out and think about how best to achieve your goals. 


For example, animation offers branding opportunities that aren't possible in real time. Informal videos, which include parodies, comedy and reviews. Short documentaries and origin stories work well in some cases. By including user-generated content, videos become more authentic.


Add Value


Regardless of how you showcase your branded content: ads, explainers or social media videos, it's important that it brings value to viewers. 


In virtual reality 360, for example, it's important to use that content to benefit the viewer. 


An emphasis on benefit to the viewer will be a source of entertainment, education or inspiration. Whatever you want to create, you need to make sure it's feasible within the time and resource-financial constraints. When creating a branded video, we keep this aspect in mind.


The bottom line is important.


Your branded films are first and foremost an investment, so they need to be viewed as an investment and evaluated in terms of the benefits they bring. 


We take advantage of an integrated video distribution plan across multiple channels and track performance (we usually look at views, reach and view ratings, social media engagement and conversions).


We choose quality


Beyond all content, a brand video is a reflection of your company, which means it has to be produced to the specifications of all of your company's customers and partners. It's easy to identify products with a low budget and quality. Consumers don't forgive pixels, low-quality color tone or sound problems. 


It's important to remember, a bad brand video can negatively affect your brand in the eyes of the viewer.

Prepare a brand video with outstanding video content.

The best way to create a truly outstanding company overview or brand video is to have a creative video production agency that has experience creating such projects. 


LV Productions is a well-established video production company and we will work closely with you to fully understand your brand and help you create emotional connections with your customers.


Understanding your brand and company mission is the most important thing for us. To make a truly quality brand video for you!

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