STRIDE: TV Commercial Video Production Case Study

STRIDE TV Commercial


Stride, a leading telehealth service specializing in prescription treatments for toenail fungus, sought to amplify its brand presence and educate its audience through a captivating TV commercial. With a budget under $200k and a two-month timeline, our full-service production team took on the challenge, delivering a commercial that resonated with viewers and elevated the Stride brand.

About Stride

Stride stands out in the telehealth industry, offering convenient, private, and effective treatments endorsed by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick. Stride ensures that individuals can access necessary treatments without the hassle of scheduling appointments or having embarrassing conversations.

Project Objectives and Goals

The primary goal of the TV commercial was to increase Stride’s brand awareness and educate the audience on the ease and effectiveness of their services. Targeting a broad demographic, the commercial aimed to drive conversions and establish Stride as a trusted name in telehealth services.


Our journey began with meticulous planning and conceptualization. The script was crafted with humor and relatability in mind, taking inspiration from the successful Hims commercials. Storyboarding followed, ensuring every scene was perfectly planned to convey Stride’s unique selling propositions.


Under the direction of Anastasia Delmark and with a dedicated crew of 25 people, the two-day filming process was both efficient and creative. The commercial featured a blend of live-action, 2D animation to showcase the Stride product, and 3D animation to illustrate the treatment process, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of Stride’s services.


The post-production phase was crucial in bringing the commercial to life. Editing, special effects, and the addition of voiceovers and music were all handled with precision, ensuring the final product was polished and ready for broadcast.

Distribution and Reception

The distribution was executed by TVA Media Group, the TV advertising agency based out of Los Angeles. The commercial was distributed in three lengths: 15, 30, and 60 seconds. The 15 and 30-second versions were utilized on social media platforms, while the 30 and 60-second versions made their way to TV screens. This strategic distribution ensured maximum reach and impact.

Project Outcomes and Impact

The TV commercial was a resounding success, significantly increasing Stride’s brand awareness and customer engagement. The humorous and relatable script, combined with the innovative use of animation, resonated with viewers, setting Stride apart in the competitive telehealth market.

Lessons Learned and Future Implications

This project highlighted the power of creative storytelling and strategic distribution in commercial production. The lessons learned from this successful production will undoubtedly influence future projects, ensuring even greater success and impact of the videos created by LV Productions.


The Stride TV commercial stands as a testament to the impact of well-executed commercial production. Through innovative storytelling, creative animation, and strategic distribution, Stride’s brand presence was elevated, resonating with viewers and establishing Stride as a leader in the telehealth industry.


Q: How much does a TV commercial usually cost to produce?

A: The cost of producing a TV commercial can vary widely, with local commercials sometimes costing between $10,000 to $100,000, and national commercials ranging from $200,000 to over $1 million. Factors influencing the cost include production quality, talent fees, location, and special effects. Our Stride TV commercial, delivered with high production values, was produced on a budget of under $200k, aligning well with industry standards for national commercials.

Q: How was the TV commercial distributed to reach the target audience?

A: The Stride TV commercial was strategically distributed across multiple platforms by TVA Media Group. The 15 and 30-second versions were utilized on social media platforms, capitalizing on the growing trend of online video consumption. The 30 and 60-second versions were aired on television, a medium that still commands a significant audience, with the average adult in the U.S. watching around 4.5 hours of TV per day. This multi-platform approach ensured that the commercial reached a diverse audience, maximizing visibility and impact.

Q: How long does it usually take to produce a TV commercial?

A: The production timeline for a TV commercial can range significantly. On average, a simpler production might take a few weeks, while a more complex commercial could take several months to produce. Our team efficiently managed the Stride TV commercial, completing the full-service production from script to delivery within a two-month timeframe, aligning well with industry standards for a project of this scale and complexity.