The Ridge - Video Ads Production Case Study

The Ridge is a company that specializes in minimalist products. They design and produce wallets, backpacks, and chargers with quality materials that don't sacrifice function. Their products are designed to help people live more efficiently and productively.

The Task

The Ridge uses Paid ads channels such as Instagram and Facebook ads as their main sales channels. They mainly used UGC ads from influencers and their customers. The Ridge wanted to level up the production quality of their video ads, and that’s when they came to us.

The solution

We offered them a full-service video ads package. It included creative concepts, script writing, customer and competitor research, model and location scouting, filming, and editing. The final delivery consisted of 1x main promo video, 10x video ads covering different features of the product (The Ridge Wallet), and 40+ B-roll clips that they can use in combination with their UGC ads, or just to post on the social media channels. Everything was filmed and delivered in vertical format (4x5 and 9x16).

Their brand and audience

The Ridge positioned itself as an upscale and premium brand, so we tried to pursue this exquisite look when working on their video ads. We also did research on their audience which helped us understand what features they would want to see in the videos. The features we focused on showing in the ads were: Premium materials, minimalistic look, and feel, variety of designs and colors.

The process and schedule

The whole production took about 1 month. The timeline for the project was the following:

​Week 1 - Creative concept, scriptwriting, location and model search, finding references, and planning the production.

Week 2 - Production. The production consisted of 2x filming days. The first filming day was in San Francisco and consisted of 4 different locations. The 2nd filming day was in Los Angeles and consisted of 2 locations.

​Week 3 and 4 - Editing and post-production. At this stage, we edited all the video files according to the brief and delivered everything to the client. This also included the time dedicated to the client’s revisions.

Production specs:

Shot in: 4K (Vertical format)

Shot on: Sony a7s3

Shoot days: 2

Cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles (California)

Total locations: 6

The Results

The client saw a strong uptrend in ads performance and retention rate when using the video ads produced by us. They have also used the videos we created to elevate the quality of their content and give their brand a more premium feel compared to their usual UGC content. The client was happy with the results.

Final Cut