Commercial Video Production in San Francisco

Commercial video production works for both B2B and B2C. The main purpose of a commercial is to increase brand awareness, awareness or even sales! In some cases, it can also serve as a lead generation/conversion tool (think of the Coinbase Superbowl ads). But the goal is always the same - to make someone think, "Oh yeah - this company seems trustworthy," when they see Company X.

Commercial Filming

A good promotional video triggers a dopamine in the viewer's brain, making him linger, usually due to one or more of the factors listed above: 


  • A strong script

  • humor

  • Famous actors or influential persons

  • bright colors

  • excellent acting

  • visual effects

Annotation 2020-05-11 150948.png

One exception to this trend is Dollar Shave Club. They spent just $5,000 on their commercials, and founder Nick Fuller wrote everything from scratch, including creating the scripts for each commercial!

The commercials are amazing because they can be used on any platform, which means the videos will always be shared and watched. These commercials range from being shown during TV shows to appearing in your inbox or social media feed! 

Here are some great content just waiting for you:

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