Customer testimonial videos in San Francisco

Best for B2B marketing

Customer testimonial videos build trust in your brand/product from the perspective of your potential customer. They work great for B2B products, especially the high ticket ones, where customers spend months picking the right solution.

Based on my experience, every B2B company has at least one customer success video they share with their potential users.

The reason such videos work is that humans, by nature, tend to trust other humans more than they would trust a selfless brand. For the same reason, clients that you get from referrals are so much easier to close than cold clients. It is all about the human factor.

Such videos can be used on your landing page, on your social media channels, or even attached to email conversations with your potential clients.

A few important things to keep in mind when creating such videos:

  • Obviously, you need to have traction and some happy customers, don’t try to cheat here by hiring actors.

  • The bigger is your customer - the better. Namedropping always works.

  • Prepare the right set of questions. Consider the needs of your potential customers when creating these videos. Such videos don’t have scripts and instead, they use sets of questions that your client answers in front of the camera.

Here's another example of a customer testimonial video:

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