Live-Action Product Videos in San Francisco

Mostly used for B2C, specifically services and physical goods. B2B use cases are also possible.

Also called live explainer videos. Live-action product videos are a great way to promote your physical products or services. For example, if your main products are electronics or construction equipment - you can show how this product works in real life and how humans can interact with it. If you have a service, for example, food delivery, such videos would also work great for you.

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However, if you are selling software, you still can create such a video for your product. However, it will be costly as this will require lots of animation in order to show how your software product works.

Such videos are also a great way to showcase and promote your product before you actually develop and produce it. A video like this can be shot with a prototype or use animations in order to show how this will work in the future.

A few things to keep in mind in order to get the best results:


  • Try to keep the length under 3 minutes

  • No need to talk about every feature of your product, only the most important ones

  • Having a combination of both Voice over and Captions in the video will make it easier to comprehend

  • If you can, try to show some interactive animations of your product in the video

  • Try to start this video with a pain point of your customer, this will help keep them watching

Below are some examples of awesome live-action product videos:

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