User-Generated Videos
in San Francisco

User-generated video is a great way to build trust in your product. According to the data, user-generated content performs better than any other type of video content when used for targeted ads on IG or Facebook.

This content is best suited for B2C marketing, and our video company will help you create it.

And it performs on organic social media channels just as well.

This is because people trust other people. And when they see an actual person reviewing a product or service - they automatically gain trust for this brand. And this happens way more effectively than if it was a commercial video.

Companies like Byte, CashApp, and TrueBill actively rely on this type of content to grow their user base.

 Here’s a great strategy for creating user-generated content:

  • Try to keep these videos natural-looking. Don’t use high-end cameras for this. When what’s supposed to be a “video review” looks too polished – people have less trust for it.

  • Try to offer your users something in exchange for creating and sharing these videos. For example, a month of free subscription, or a free product.

  • The videos should not be longer than 1 minute long seconds.

  • If you don’t want to bother convincing users to create videos for your product - you can use actors for creating such videos. You will just need to create appropriate scripts and find actors that already have experience creating similar content.

Here are a few great examples of user-generated videos:

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